Zari: ” I won’t come on my knees Madale.”

Zarithebosslady recently wrote on her Instagram account expressing her forgiveness to Diamond Platnumz, and gave her a piece of advice that he should learn not to take social media that serious. In fact she still love the man, feeling to come back in Tanzania for a weekend but joke him a little bit that she won’t come in Madale on her knees ( lakini siji namagoti madale) ,she wrote

” Shetani kasema twende🤣….. lakini siji namagoti madale. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hugs, kisses😘 and learn not to take social media that serious. Have some laughs and detox the week that was.”

I bet that caption made a smile and removed worries on Diamnond Platnumz after cheating on her.

One of her fans commented on the post
“zarithebosslady is a mature woman who understands life and has learned over the years that there are things you can control and there are things you can. Control what you can and accept what you can not. Things we can’t control are like death of loved ones, betrayal etc and you did well. Things we can control includes our reaction towards these. You did well by accepting and keeping your cool. You may have cried in private but that’s okay and it is being human.”

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