Despite the rumours about diamond infidelity, still there is another thing that makes Zari more worried about her relationship with Diamond.

Zari the Boss Lady may be receiving a lot of love from her bae Diamond but none from her in-laws, judging from reports on Tanzanian blogs of the cold treatment she got from them.

According to the blogs, Sandra, Diamond’s mother, was celebrating her birthday and as it’s been the norm, Zari landed in Dar es Salaam from South Africa, where she lives with her other family of three kids and runs her business, to celebrate with her extended family.

It was reported that Zari did not get a warm welcome from her in-laws, especially her sisters-in-law Esma and Queen Darling, who is his half- sister

The rumours were also fuelled by the fact that Diamonds’ first cousin Romy Jones took to Instagram to shower praises on Wema Sepetu, Diamonds’ ex-girlfriend.

The question remains whether Zari’s latest Snapchat rants have been a response to these. Sample one of her posts:

“Nobody dates the whole world, country or clan, they date their man or woman, just me and mines is what matters. And it will be the 2 of you when things go wrong between yourselves. It will not be the clan or country or any other 3rd parties. Want to know why? Because it was just the two of you when you met,” she posted

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