Latest updates on Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobeto on Child Support case.

Hamisa Mobetto wants Tanzania shillings 5million per month from the singer as upkeep for her child

Last month, Tanzanian model and video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto, dragged the Hallelujah singer, Diamond Platnumz to court for Child Neglect, the case was mentioned on November 2.

Hamisa Mobetto is demanding Tsh 5 million per month for child upkeep an amount Diamond Platnumz’s lawyer says it’s way too high and his client cannot afford.

On top of the 5million, Hamisa through her lawyers wants the singer to apologize for the comments he made on Clouds. That was the same interview in which he revealed that he was the biological father to Hamisa’s son, but this was after the Salome video vixen was releasing a lot of incriminating evidence including their intimate moments.

The case will resume on November 10, 2017 (today)to decide on whether Zari’s baby daddy pays the amount as Hamisa demands or the amount will be reduced.

During the interview when Platnumz revealed that he was the baby daddy, he went on to say that he had bought her a RAV 4 Toyota car and was paying her Tsh 70000 daily as upkeep, but Hamisa said that regarding the amount, it’s not true.

According to the charges, Mobetto claims that Diamond Platnumz has not been providing for the baby for close to two months. It’s now left to be seen what court will decide.

When the new date was communicated, the singer knew that Hamisa was not taking matters lightly, she was serious. He also took to Instagram to assure whoever cared to know that her children anyway were Tiffah and Nillan though the choice of words that he used to describe them is what left many in shock, he branded them as sperms..

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