​How did Ivan get all this money and connect Zari to the source? 

Tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga needs no introductions. He, like his grandfather Pinto who was a prominent business man in Nakaliro town in Kayunga, has a lot of money. But how did he get all this money and connect Zari to the source? Well, our sources have revealed how he did it.

After Zari was dumped by her first hubby, she met Ivan in 2000. Ivan managed to get to South Africa after a friend with whom he was sharing a girl helped him to get to South Africa. Ivan used a bus to travel to South Africa for the first time through Zambia. He had managed to get illegal travel documents with the help of his friend according to our source.

Ivan was unfortunately arrested with the fake travel documents at the Zambian boarder and then more problems came his way. He was robbed clean. He later called his friend who got in touch with his buddies in South Africa and helped Ivan get into the country.

Upon arriving in South Africa, Ivan started by working at a local Shrine. He later partnered with a few friends to set up his own shrine in South African city of Pretoria. Here rich clients were duped into thinking that their problems would be washed away with their holy water as they took all their money away.

Ivan managed to establish several other shrines across the country. He became richer by the day, bought his first car, a BMW and later called in Zari to South Africa. They established businesses together and grew more successful by the day. He later got influential politicians to back him as he set up schools and other big investments. To continue bringing in money, Ivan is said to have tamed a snake to convince clients that he was genuine. He also flew in a witchdoctor from Kayunga to help him run his business as clients kept pouring in.

This way, he became wealthier than he had ever imagined. He has three kids with Zari.


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